No Spitting for the 2020 MLB Season or No Baseball

Rules and Regulations include no high fives.

Charlotte (PCN)- After threads of countless twitter, Instagram, Google, etc. There seems to be an abundant amount of sunlight shining down on all MLB fans, owners, and players in what seems like a dark 2020 year so far as the MLB season will start at the end of July.

For consecutive months we have seen failed negotiations except for this past Tuesday, MLB and the Players Association finally agreed on what the health and safety protocols will entail. At the same time, there will only be a 60-game season and play mostly in their respective regions. Players will begin their summer training on July 1, with many teams going to their home stadiums per guidelines.

As hope began to fade into the start of the NFL season, it only took the owners and players until July to agree on something, but it seems baseball will be in play at SunTrust stadium. That means competing for another trophy like the one above. But rules and guidelines will have to be enforced first before players will hit the field. Some restrictions include no celebratory handshakes to spitting sunflower seeds.

Here is a summarized look at the rules for this bizarre start of the 2020 MLB season:

COVID-19 Protocols – Individuals involved in baseball operations will complete a questionnaire, including symptoms/exposure before reporting July 1. Then temperature check, saliva, and nose swab test, an antibody blood test due before arrival. Players will have their temperature and symptom checks twice a day, and if someone shows signs of COVID-19 during the season, the team must isolate the individual and investigate tracing to the source and clean all facilities.

High-Risk Personal- Will can opt-out and receive a salary.

Rules & Regulations


The 2020 season will throw out the first pitch on July23rd play 60 games, with most teams playing against their division. The last 20 games on the schedule will include interleague play and the postseason format has three division winners and two wild-card teams.


Each team can bring 60 players to training and overall.


Every player will have to bring their equipment and handle themselves. NO SPITTING of any kind, fighting, and instigating is not tolerated with a “severe discipline” warning if exhibited. No celebrating involving touching one another and bathing at the park is “highly discouraged but allowed.”


Reporters will have limited media access involving players but allowed in the parks and not allowed near players.